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Какие территории зависят от сша

Какие территории зависят от сша

Территории США англ. Территория США может быть инкорпорированной или неинкорпорированной , а также организованной или неорганизованной. Переходная форма управления перед получением прав штата. Многие из нынешних штатов образовались из подобных территорий, зачастую в процессе их дальнейшего дробления и размежевания например, Орегон , Монтана , Айдахо , Вашингтон и др.

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A dependent territory is commonly distinguished from a country subdivision by being considered not to be a constituent part of a sovereign state. An administrative subdivision, instead, is understood to be a division of a state proper.

Обращение за визой в США

A dependent territory is commonly distinguished from a country subdivision by being considered not to be a constituent part of a sovereign state. An administrative subdivision, instead, is understood to be a division of a state proper. A dependent territory, conversely, often maintains a great degree of autonomy from its controlling state. Historically, most colonies were considered to be dependent territories. The dependent territories that currently remain in the world today generally maintain a very high degree of political autonomy.

Not all autonomous entities, though, are considered to be dependent territories, [1] [ failed verification ] and not all dependent territories are autonomous. Most inhabited dependent territories have their own ISO country codes. Some political entities inhabit a special position guaranteed by an international treaty or another agreement, thereby creating a certain level of autonomy e. Those entities are sometimes considered to be, or are at least grouped with, dependent territories, [2] [3] but are officially considered by their governing states to be an integral part of those states.

This list includes all territories that have not been legally incorporated into their governing state, including several territories that are not on the list of non-self-governing territories of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Summary: New Zealand has two self-governing associated states , one dependent territory Tokelau , and a territorial claim in Antarctica. Summary: Norway has one dependent territory and two Antarctic claims.

Norway also possesses the inhabited islands of Svalbard where Norwegian sovereignty is limited see below. Summary: The United Kingdom has three " crown dependencies ", 13 "overseas territories" 10 autonomous, two used primarily as military bases, and one uninhabited , and one Antarctic claim.

Summary: the United States has 13 " unincorporated " dependent territories under its control and two claimed territories outside its control. The following entities are, according to the law of their state, integral parts of the state but exhibit many characteristics of dependent territories.

This list is generally limited to entities that are either subject to an international treaty on their status, uninhabited, or have a unique level of autonomy and are largely self-governing in matters other than international affairs.

As a result, it does not include entities with no unique autonomy, such as the overseas regions of France , the home nations of the United Kingdom , and Alaska and Hawaii of the United States.

Entities with only limited unique autonomy, such as the autonomous regions of Portugal , the autonomous communities of Spain , and Zanzibar are also not included. All claims in Antarctica are listed in italics.

Summary: Australia has six external territories in its administration and one Antarctic claim. Although all territories of Australia are considered to be fully integrated in its federative system , and the official status of an external territory does not differ largely from that of a mainland territory except in regards to immigration law , debate remains as to whether the external territories are integral parts of Australia, due to their not being part of Australia in , when its constituent states federated with the exception of Coral Sea Islands , which was a part of Queensland.

Summary: China has two special administrative regions SARs that are governed according to the constitution and respective basic laws. The SARs greatly differ from mainland China in administrative, economic, legislative and judicial terms, including by currency, left-hand versus right-hand traffic , official languages and immigration control. The Kingdom of Denmark contains two autonomous territories with their own governments and legislatures, and input into foreign affairs.

Summary: Finland has one autonomous region that is also subject to international treaties. Summary: France has overseas six autonomous collectivities and two uninhabited territories one of which includes an Antarctic claim. Although also located overseas, they have the same status as the regions of metropolitan France.

FR-TF [note 5]. Summary: The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprises three autonomous "constituent countries" in the Caribbean listed below and one constituent country, the Netherlands , with most of its area in Europe but also encompassing three overseas Caribbean municipalities — Bonaire , Sint Eustatius , and Saba.

Those three Caribbean municipalities are excluded here because they are directly administered by the Government of the Netherlands. Summary: Norway has, in the Arctic, one inhabited archipelago with restrictions placed on Norwegian sovereignty — Svalbard.

Three Crown dependencies are in a form of association with the United Kingdom. They are independently administrated jurisdictions, although the British Government is solely responsible for defense and international representation and has ultimate responsibility for ensuring good government. They do not have diplomatic recognition as independent states, but neither are they integrated into the U. The U. Parliament retains the ability to legislate for the crown dependencies even without the agreement of their legislatures.

No crown dependency has representation in the U. While Britain is officially responsible for their defense and international representation, these jurisdictions maintain their own militaries and have been granted limited diplomatic powers, in addition to having internal self-government. New Zealand and its dependencies share the same governor-general and constitute one monarchic realm. The Cook Islands and Niue are officially termed associated states. Puerto Rico since and the Northern Mariana Islands since are non-independent states freely associated with the United States.

The covenant was fully implemented on November 3, , under Presidential Proclamation no. Puerto Ricans "were collectively made U. This kind of relationship can also be found in the Kingdom of the Netherlands , which is termed a federacy. The European continental part is organized like a unitary state. The Kingdom of Denmark also operates similarly, akin to another federacy.

The Faroe Islands and Greenland are two self-governing territories or regions within the Kingdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Territory that does not possess full political independence as a sovereign state. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Monarchy vs. Authoritarian vs. Global vs. Unitary state Empire Principality. Client state. Confederation Devolution Federation Superstate Supranational union. International relations. Small power Regional power Middle power Great power Superpower. Main article: Realm of New Zealand. Main article: Dependencies of Norway. Main articles: British Overseas Territories and Crown dependencies.

Main articles: Territories of the United States and Insular area. Main article: States and territories of Australia. Main article: Special administrative regions of China.

Main article: Danish Realm. Main article: Administrative divisions of Finland. Main article: Overseas France. Main articles: Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean.

Associated state Colonisation Colony Condominium Federacy List of autonomous areas by country List of current dependent territory leaders List of sovereign states List of former sovereign states — Section: Former colonies, possessions, protectorates and territories Suzerainty List of administrative divisions by country List of sovereign states and dependent territories by continent Territorial claims in Antarctica United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories Minister of the Colonies Ministry of the Colonies.

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▼ Все зависимые территории

Географическое положение. Континентальная часть страны простирается от океана до океана по всей центральной части североамериканского континента. США граничат с Канадой на севере и с Мексикой на юге. Аляска занимает крайний северо-запад Северной Америки и отделена Беринговым проливом от крайнего северо-востока России. На северо-западе атоллы Гавайских островов венчают подводный вулканический хребет и являются высочайшими на земле действующими вулканами.

Территории США

Заявители, включая детей, обращающиеся за неиммиграционной визой, должны еще до своего обращения оплатить невозвращаемый консульский сбор так называемый сбор за машиночитаемую визу — MRV , который не может быть в дальнейшем передан другому лицу. Заявители могут записаться на визовые собеседования в Москве, в Екатеринбурге и во Владивостоке, однако места для записи могут быть недоступны для всех типов визовых категорий во всех локациях. Для подачи заявления на неиммиграционную визу в консульские представительства за пределами Российской Федерации, пожалуйста, выберите наиболее подходящее вам местоположение для прохождения собеседования на сайте www.


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Такая зависимая территория не обладает политической независимостью и полнотой суверенитета , хотя и может пользоваться частичной автономией.


Dependent territory



Зависимая территория



На основной территории страны выделяют две главные климатические Температуры в этой области больше зависят от широты местности, чем от.






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